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Day One is DONE

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Me before the first infusion! Getting settled in back at home after about ten hours at the hospital. Right now I’m feeling a lot of things. Please excuse typos, am on an immunotherapy Benadryl/painkillers cocktail. Yum. 1. Sad I’m not with Nico. He almost never gets sick, but today woke up with some kind of stomach bug so he wasn’t with me at the hospital. Now he is sleeping at the little studio we are […]

Treatment Day 1: Natalie Portman

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They say you shouldn’t send things out while still on sedation drugs, but since this isn’t a work email we’ll just ignore that! Just finished getting my port (named Natalie Portman by a friend). I was a little freaked about this procedure, despite it being the least invasive one this month. My tumor is in my chest, so anything in that region makes me a little nervous. Veins in general used to freak me out […]

Treatment Plan

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Hopefully most medical update posts won’t be this long, but I wanted to answer some of the questions people might have–skip to the bottom if you’re in a rush. For those of you just finding out about this whole cancer thing, I’ll do posts on how we got here soon. On Thursday, I met with Dr. K, the Unicorn Oncologist, to make a final call on my treatment. After many blood tests and ten edgy […]