Adventures of a 33-year-old Cancer Veteran

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But You Look Great Welcome

I’m Nora Feely, and I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma on March 1st, 2018. I’ve been telling the internet about it ever since–now in remission and figuring out my new normal. I am a writer, trained social worker (with a focus on trauma), and forever henchwoman for various social justice fights. Midwesterner at heart (STL & Chicago) and currently live on the East Coast with my husband and Fanny, our tiny, sassy dog.


  1. Robert Hager says

    Thanks for the update. I really am so sorry you have to go through this. But I do feel very confident that you will do great. Glad you are getting started with the immunotherapy. Terri and I send our love and best wishes.


  2. Katherine says

    Sending so much love your way and will be beaming you all good vibes tomorrow.


  3. Lindsey says

    That sounds scary. I’m thinking of you. Can I also just say fighting cancer in the trump era ruins like every movie. Even action movies become emotional rollercoasters of the beautiful struggle. Maybe just watch Broad City?


    • I’ve been rewatching Parks and Rec daily, but I’ll add Broad City as next on the list! Thanks Lindsey!


  4. Cheers to all the Nicos of the world! Thank you, Nico, for loving our Nora and taking such good care of her. May you all have decades and decades of love and anniversaries!


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